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The spherical bearing with seat and its main characteristics


The spherical ball bearing with seat provides a high reliability and convenient method for the application of rolling bearing, without the need to manufacture bearing seat.
Generally speaking, the spherical bearing with seat has the following characteristics:
1. Adjustable heart.
2. Sealed type.
3. Easy to install and remove.
4. Can be exchanged with other company products.
5. There are many types available for application.
Due to the limitation of grease supply, the normal allowable inclination angle of spherical ball bearing with seat is ± 1.5 ° ~ 2.5 °.
Even if grease is not supplied, the same limit value is expected. If a larger tilt angle is required, the limit value is ± 5 °.
The maximum allowable inclination angle of bearing pedestal with cover is ± 1.0 ° ~ 1.8 °, and if the angle is exceeded, the inner diameter of the cover will intersect with the shaft.
In order to prevent uneven contact between sealing ring and shaft, heat and dust entering, the inclination angle should be minimized.
Spherical bearings with seats are usually used in harsh working environments such as soil, dust, humidity and high temperature, such as metallurgy, mining, environmental protection, chemical industry, light industry, textile, food machinery, agricultural machinery, transportation system or construction machinery.

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