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Several main problems in bearing forging process


The quality of forging technology will directly affect the performance of the bearing to adapt to the following to talk about several problems in the bearing forging process. There are mainly the following aspects:
1. Due to the long-term influence of the idea of "attaching importance to cold rather than heat" in the industry, the cultural level of practitioners in the forging industry is generally low, and the working conditions and working environment are poor. As long as they have strength, they do not realize that forging is a special process, and its quality has a great impact on the bearing life.
2. The scale of enterprises engaged in bearing forging is generally small, and the level of forging technology is uneven. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are still in the stage of forging control.
3. Forging enterprises generally use medium frequency induction heating to improve the heating mode, but only in the heating stage, they do not realize the importance of heating quality, and the industry does not have the technical specification of medium frequency induction forging diathermy industry, so there is a great quality risk.
4. Most of the process equipment are connected by press and operated by hand, which is influenced by human factors and has poor quality consistency, such as forging folding, poor size dispersion, lack of fillet, overheating or even burning, wet cracking, etc.
5. Due to the hard working and living environment of forging technology, young people are unwilling to engage in it, and the difficulty in recruiting workers is generally considered to be an existing problem in the development of the industry. The management of forging enterprises is more difficult, which has a great challenge to the upgrading and transformation of forging automation and informatization.
6. The production efficiency is low, the processing cost is high, the enterprise is in the low-level ecosystem, and the living environment deteriorates.

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