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320/28 Tapered roller bearing

320/28 Tapered roller bearing

New Model 320/28 Old Model 20071/28E
d(mm) 28 D(mm) 52
H(mm) 16 W(kg) 0.142
Cr(kN) 31.5 Cor(kN) 40.5
Grease speed(r/min) 6700 Oil speed(r/min) 8500
Type Tapered roller bearing
Tel +86-635-2819662

Bearing sample drawing

Introduction of bearing information

A tapered roller bearing is a radial thrust type rolling bearing in which the rolling elements are tapered rollers. There are two kinds of small cone angle and large cone angle. The small cone angle mainly bears the radial and axial combined loads mainly based on radial load. It is often used in double and reverse installation. The inner and outer races can be installed separately, and the radial and axial clearance can be adjusted during installation and use. The large cone angle is mainly subjected to axial and radial combined loads mainly based on axial loads. Generally, it is not used alone to withstand pure axial loads. When paired configuration (relatively installed at the same name), it can be used to withstand pure radial loads.

The type of tapered roller bearing is 30,000, and the tapered roller bearing is a separate bearing. Under normal circumstances, especially in the size range of GB/T307.1-94 "Rolling bearing radial bearing tolerance", the tapered roller bearing outer ring and the inner component are 100% interchangeable.

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